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Introducing Natural Model Management…An Agency Created by Models for Models that Value Models’ Natural Build & Body Size and Encourages Models to be Healthy.

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Katie Halchishick and Bradford Wilcox have launched Natural Model Management. Natural Model Management is the first modeling agency to create a division dedicated to bridging the gap between the industry standards for “Straight Size” and “Plus Size” divisions. The Natural Beauty board represents stunning models that resemble those of the classic coveted supermodels of the 80’s and 90’s. Natural values models and their natural build and body size and encourage models to find a healthy balance in life and in their bodies.

Natural Model Management co-creator, Katie Halchishick

Please tell us a little about Natural Model Management. What inspired you and Bradford to open up your own agency?

Natural Model Management is a Los Angeles based agency that is dedicated to health within the industry, while upholding a high respect level between models, clients, and ourselves. Natural Model Management was created by models for models and every division has a successful model as a mentor and advisor to educate other models on how to have a lasting career. The number one complaint of most models is the lack of communication between themselves and their agents. All any model wants is to get one on one attention from their agent to help guide and educate them on the industry and give them constructive criticism they need to improve. Sadly, this can be hard to find but it is our number one priority at Natural. We encourage a healthy life style and healthy weight for all of our models while giving them the respect, as a person, to choose what size is best for them!

It was a huge eye opener for me to be a six figure model at 200 pounds and be considered a “success,” and then finding health and happiness for myself after losing 50 pounds, and being told my hips were two inches too big be a “Straight Size” model. I was a “Plus Size” model at a size 14 and at a size 6. I had reached that point when my body wouldn’t get any smaller despite my constant workouts and diet; I had to make a choice…

A) I cross the line of health and go to the dark side forcing my body passed what it is capable of by some sort of eating disorder, diet pills, smoking, drugs, etc.

B) Keep working out for 2-3 hours a day and eating the worst meal delivery food that equals 1200 calories a day and still be the biggest girl at every casting at a size 6. Or, I could choose something else… after a long breakdown crying session with Bradford, where I fully let out all the frustration and anger, I decided that playing by someone else’s rules wasn’t going to work for me (it never has). I chose option C.

C) Use what I had learned to better myself, share what I had learned from this experience, and actively work to change the damaging affects of this industry and how it effects all of us.

There is a huge misconception that only women are mistreated in the fashion industry, and the truth is that male models face a lot of the same issues as well. We are inspired by each other’s ideas, success, and outlook on life. We just want to bring clients new models that are well coached, with less attitude! We believe change happens from the inside out.

What sets Natural apart from other agencies?

When you start as a model, no one teaches you how to model! It really is kind of crazy; they send you off to a job with no clue how to move or what to expect. We are spending time with all of our models to teach them what is expected of them. We want all of our models to feel confident in themselves and in their abilities. Every job is an honor and it is the models responsibility to go in to a job, use what they have learned, and get rehired.

What does it take to be a Natural model? What are the requirements? How do girls apply?

We represent female models 5’8″ and taller, sizes 4 to 16. We want girls that are healthy, and as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Our male models are 6’0″ – 6’3″ with 30” – 32″ waist.

You can apply by going to and clicking on the Become a Model tab, fill out the required information, and it will be sent to our team to review.

Where is Natural Model Management based?

Los Angeles, California

When Natural represents models, you work one on one with your models to help them have a longer lasting career. We think that is awesome! Can you please tell us why you do this and what you help your models work on?

Moving – this is an art form that has to be practiced. We will show the models what moving on set looks like, the do’s and don’ts and why. It always helps to see examples, so we review the models film to help them to know good angles and poses for their bodies, etc.

Confidence – Confidence is HUGE! You can be the most beautiful girl, but if you don’t have confidence in what you are doing, it shows. Confidence comes with practice!

Honesty – We really are honest with our models without being disrespectful. We are constructive and positive, so our models believe in themselves and us. That is really important; you should always believe in yourself and if your agent starts to make you doubt that, you may want to look elsewhere.

Education – We also educate our models on important life lesson like paying your taxes! That is also something that no one teaches you as a young model. We don’t put random charges on models accounts so that we can make extra money, and we ask for approval before any charges go on a models account.

Natural believes it is important to set a healthy example to girls and women. What does being healthy mean to you?

Being healthy is having balance in your life, both physically and mentally. Love life and always explore what it has to offer.

Why are the models who are represented by Natural special?

Our models are all special because they are asked to join the team; that means they believe working to set a higher standard for all models. Our models are awesome people who have more to offer than just being pretty, and they truly are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside—and they prove it. All our models just want a chance and we feel so privileged to have them as a teammate.

What impression are your models going to make on the clients?

Because of the size of our models, they won’t be doing tons of high fashion work. The great thing about that is the clients for catalog work are so awesome! I have been so lucky to work with some genuine great people and that is exactly what they can expect from our models! We understand that these clients can use anyone, and we want them to choose our models for exactly that!

Plus-Size Models Unite co-creator, Angela Jones.

*You can find out more about Natural Model Management at and!/pages/Natural-Model-Management/165648113455490.

Natural Model Management represent male models as well…


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